Month: April 2018

Windows XP mmc.exe missing

Nothing to astonish by noticing the above title mentioned problem name. The major issue we have faced almost every single day in computer is file missing and that can be mmc.exe or any other and it is taking place in XP or any other versions of operating system. First make something clear that, while in… Read more

error powershell script

Mrs. Lucy from California complained that while accessing the driver programmes the version exe server programme updates are missing within the OS. On running the online error restore, this is seen that her installer files have been expired. Now her auto errors restore settings does no longer works normally. While loading the driver exe programme… Read more

free download dwm.exe

There can be several files and programs found on the Windows operating system where the files like dwm.exe are one of the important files. When the dwm.exe file is either faulty or corrupted, you may choose the free download of dwm.exe. This in turn may cause several other problems. to avoid this some standard error… Read more

Corrupt winload.exe Windows 7

The exe file issues in the computer can come up at any moment. This is because; when this file is missing or not found, the applications in the system will not work. None of the games will work and it will show you messages like some exe file are corrupted. Such errors you can get… Read more

can’t open python in powershell

Nicholas Keller is a client from Hawaii who has reported that she can’t open python in powershell. This problem was reported by the client when she was getting troubled with the system. Nicholas has noticed that the system was getting slower than usual and the applications installed has stopped working properly. At that point of… Read more

bsod chkdsk /r

If the BSOD error appears in the chkdsk /r file in your system, then you should apply a proper chkdsk.exe file fixer tool, because it can happen, if that file gets corrupted in the system. So repairing the file is the easiest solution in this aspect. A friend of mine who is a Windows Vista… Read more