Month: June 2018

error winload.efi windows 7

After the installing the recent version of the Canon Printer in Windows 7 Home Premium, Mr. Harley saw that his installer programmes are not responding. While loading the online error restore, he saw that his version exe programme applications are not genuine. On running online error restore, this was seen that server programme application updates… Read more

failed to load scvmm powershell snapin

If you are failed to snapin and failed to load the powershell of scvmm in Windows machine, then several kind of troubles can take place. In the Windows operating system due to technical or mechanical infection, then computer failed to load some major files in the system during start up process.PowerShell scheduled task dies with… Read more

faulting module name kernelbase.dll versions

Faulting module name kernelbase .dll versions can start to show problems in the computer when the file is damaged. The dll file stands for dynamic link library file. It is located at the C drive or in the system sub folder. It can cause problems like appcrash or apphang. Download and install Kernelbase dll repair… Read more

error shell32.dll -21787

There are various types of error message, you may often come across, and those messages appear on your computer screen either at start-up of any programs or while installing some software programs. Every time you may try to repair the issues by running an error fixing tool, but that was of no use. In this… Read more

download free spoolsv.exe

For computers to be useful, they must be reliable. In case they are not, they shall not be able to serve your purpose in the anticipated way. To make the PCs working, it hardly demands any sort of tinkering from your end, actually all you are supposed to do is to press the power button… Read more

what is msvcrt dll used for

In general cases, we usually get rather receive many complaint mails and most of those are with the query and that is what is the file mdvcrt.dll used for actually? Usually customers won’t have that much idea about common files and modules of computers or machines, that’s why they have no idea if the file… Read more

Windows 10 mmc remote desktop

While running online Event viewer programmes many clients saw that in the middle of running server update, the installer programmes turn frigid. On accessing online event viewer programme application, server programme application update no longer loads error free. The driver disk check programme application now stops online version programme applications to load hassle free. On… Read more


The d3d11.dll is an important file that load some of the important processes at the time of system start up in the Dynamic Link Library. The multiple applications can crash at any moment with some of the error messages. The applications like VLC – COM Surrogate, Windows Live Photo Gallery and DO PDF 8 can… Read more

error code winload.efi

The error code winload.efi is one such problem which is encountered by some clients. The users who have reported about the issues were looking for the solution to remove them. The winload.exe is an executable file which is reqired for the execution of certain functiosn of the applications. The Windows applications which are stored inside… Read more

error winload

The error winload is another problem which is experienced by most of the clients. These are the most common error messages which are found appearing on the system when there is a virus infection or other technical problem. When the system is under the influence of a Trojan or malware virus then there is a… Read more